James “U of L” Ramsey, sombreros, stereotypes and DNA’s institutional legacy of tone deafness.

Now with an update.

Speaking of “portraying inappropriate and untrue stereotypes,” you might remember this story from late October, 2015.

Then again, if you’re on the board of Develop New Albany … probably not.

Ramsey sombrero photo sparks outcry, apology

 … Olivia Krauth, the editor of the student newspaper The Louisville Cardinal, wrote Thursday that “if a fraternity threw a party with a Mexican theme and pictures of them in these outfits got out, they would be in huge trouble just like countless other Greek organizations across the country in the past few years. … As the president of a university, I would expect more.”

In 2012, for example, a Penn State sorority apologized for “portraying inappropriate and untrue stereotypes” following a Mexican-themed party that included similar garb.

Karman said he wasn’t certain what university policy would be in such instances, adding that it would likely be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

As social media criticism grew, university officials released an apology Thursday evening, addressing it to “Hispanic/Latino Faculty, Staff and Students.”

Evidently as we develop New Albany, we needn’t worry about such matters. Looking forward to DNA’s explanation? It might not be a good idea to hold your breath.

By the way, last evening’s walk to Israel’s Delicias de Mexico Gourmet and the meal that followed both were superb … and we were able to wear normal clothing, too, sans headgear.

(thanks Clint)

Update: Evening follow-up post … A message from Mayor Gahan.