Let’s all eat at Israel’s Delicias de Mexico Gourmet on Saturday, August 12.

Photo credit: Louisville Magazine.

If you’re one of the 400 or so ticket-holders for Saturday’s inaugural Taco Walk, a “signature event” for Develop New Albany, by all means enjoy yourself. Seriously. Go out there and have a good time, and whenever you see a DNA board member, ask him or her where all the money’s going.

If you’re not planning on Taco Walking and still need to eat at some point on Saturday, allow me to suggest that while it isn’t located in the epicenter of downtown New Albany, Israel’s Delicias de Mexico Gourmet (1515 E. Market Street) would be a great place to have a meal.

Anytime, but especially on Saturday.

As it was explained to me, the Taco Walk organizers deemed Chef Israel Landin’s eatery to be too far away from the historic core to merit inclusion on the walk. When I asked one of them why Israel wasn’t participating, I was told something to the effect of “well, because it’s a walk.”

Okay, fine. I’ve walked (and biked) miles for a great beer, but given the event’s geographical rationale, that’s probably irrefutable.

At the same time, it seems a shame, and perhaps even an embarrassment, to stage a Taco Walk and not include the gifted chef who, in point of actual fact, taught damn near all of us in New Albany just how wonderful Mexican food could really be.

Hence my unsolicited sales pitch on behalf of Chef Israel. If you’re on the Taco Walk, wonderful. If not, consider showing Israel some love tomorrow. If DNA can’t “send” you there, then NAC will.  

The Confidentials will be putting their money where my mouth is, circa 6:00 p.m.

Please consider doing the same.

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