Told you so: “New Albany in talks to relocate City Hall to Reisz Furniture building.”


The city’s propaganda video is very well crafted, indeed.

Photo credit: Elizabeth Beilman.

Told you so.

GREEN MOUSE SAYS: Is Denton Floyd acquiring the Reisz building for use by a relocated NA City Hall? We think a deal is imminent.

The Green Mouse since has been told that Team Gahan will soon reveal a deal for the Schmitt family to sell the long moribund Reisz Furniture Warehouse Store to Denton Floyd Real Estate Group, the Louisville developer currently rehabilitating the old M. Fine & Sons factory at the 140 block of East Main.

Thanks to the News and Tribune’s Elizabeth Beilman for confirming what NA Confidential published yesterday.

New Albany in talks to relocate City Hall to Reisz Furniture building, by Elizabeth Beilman (N and T)

Proposed deal calls for $750,000 investment … The New Albany Redevelopment Commission is looking to remove blight to improve neighborhood land values, surrounding aesthetics and aid in the city’s economic development. In connection with Indiana Landmarks, the NARC will preserve three city buildings; the Reisz Furniture building, the Louis Hartman House and the Knights of Columbus building.*

NEW ALBANY — New Albany’s City Hall offices could be relocating to a mid-19th century building on East Main Street.

The New Albany Redevelopment Commission voted this afternoon to commit $750,000 for the city’s municipal offices to make the move from the New Albany-Floyd County Government Building at 311 Hauss Square to the historic Reisz Furniture building at 146 E. Main Street.

* The whole building, or just this anti-abortion sign?