Not in NA, at least yet: “Man In Wheelchair Struck By Car, Gets Ticket For Not Crossing Road Fast Enough.”


Our weekend message to “Mayor Jeff Gahan Presents the Board of Public Works and Safety” (shouldn’t it be Board of Works and Public Safety?) simply is this.

Don’t be like Denver (below) — and don’t lie to me by saying “it couldn’t happen here.”

The mayor and his board have made no effort whatever to wrap their institutional arms around modernity. To repeat: it’s merely procedural, Jeffrey and Warren. You must develop good habits, and to develop them, you must acknowledge you have a problem.

Instead of this: “How will (a proposal) affect parking/traffic/cars?”

You ask this: “How will (a proposal) affect handicapped users without cars?”

Infrastructure decisions routinely are rendered in the absence of forethought as to their effects on persons with disabilities. These tiny bits of effort will have little if any ultimate effect on the Holy Writ of Autocentrism. However, these instances will immeasurably assist the disabled in getting back and forth.

It’s cultural, Jeffrey and Warren. You’re in charge. Think you might get to the task of changing the culture?

Or should we ask Adam’s DemoDisneyDixiecratic Party for permission?

Man In Wheelchair Struck By Car, Gets Ticket For Not Crossing Road Fast Enough
(5 News Online)

DENVER — A man in a wheelchair claims he was ticketed because he couldn’t get across the road during the signal’s allotted time and now he’s fighting the citation, according to KDVR.

Kyle Wolfe said he was passing through 19th and Lawrence streets in downtown Denver. Wolfe said he started to cross the street when the signal indicated it was his turn to cross.

Wolfe said he couldn’t make it through the intersection in the 20 seconds allotted at the light. He said he was 5 feet from the curb when an SUV struck him from behind.

Wolfe said the accident left his wheelchair totaled, and left him scraped and bruised. He received a ticket from a Denver police officer for disobeying the traffic signal.

“I was very shocked that a pedestrian that has the right of way got a ticket,” Wolfe said.