Hoard this: Contest concludes as Clint finds the “Entrance to Jeff Gahan’s Down Low Bunker.”


Nailed it.

So THIS is why the hoarder’s belongings haven’t been cleared away.

They’re just a front for the secret door.

And what if the alleged “City Hall” website also is part of the subterfuge? An alert book reader explains our doubts:

No official city seal, and with the city already possessing a web site of its own?

Sure sounds like #OurFakeMayor to me.

Consequently, the following might be regarded as satirical, although whether real or imagined, we know for sure that Deaf Gahan didn’t write these words.

Take it away, Mike Hall!

Mayor Gahan Addresses Concerns and Shares History of Hausfeldt Property

Below is a brief history of our efforts to understand and mitigate the conditions at the private property on Hausfeldt Lane. Once again, the property has been in the news and it has become a concern to a number of residents. Please read, copy, and share this with others. Your efforts to share this information will greatly help us take steps to improve the condition there, but equally important, it will help others understand our desire to protect the property rights and the privacy of the landowner. This is a very unusual problem, and we are working closely with the courts to resolve it in a manner which is respectful to all parties.

Thanks everyone,
Mayor Jeff Gahan

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