Anna Murray announces for State Senate as Adam Dickey reminds us to remain suspicious of anything with his fingerprints on it.

The Random Inanity Generator strikes again.

There is no byline on this News and Tribune dispatch, just a staff photo credit.

Written by human or bot? Or Adam Dickey? Can someone from the newspaper clarify, please?

However, I’m delighted that shill-in-chief Dickey chose the occasion of this announcement to state the case against DemoDisneyDixiecratic Party favorite Jeff Gahan in 2019.

I’ve helped him with the rewrite. Trust me; his writing needs help.

Ron Jeff is the incumbent and it will be a challenge,” he said. “But all you have to do is look at the (governing) record of Ron Grooms Jeff Gahan. I don’t think many folks feel like they are better off today than they were when Ron Grooms Jeff Gahan took office two terms ago. Do they want the same thing or do they want to move forward?”

Have you ever noticed how Adam is unable to speak publicly with any degree of genuineness?

Invariably he sounds like a programmed political robot — like a random platitude generator.

Anyway, now the Murray announcement.

Her policy positions are hopeful, and I’d like to be able to believe the best, though she’s surrounded by the usual underachieving local Democratic suspects, and she emphasizes a yoga event at Gahan’s megabuck Silver Street Park TIF Taj Mahal, which symbolizes everything that’s amiss with the usual underachieving local Democratic suspects.

Sigh. The circle remains unbroken, to our continuing detriment.

Jeffersonville attorney announces run for Indiana Senate

Republican Sen. Ron Grooms the incumbent

JEFFERSONVILLE — After the 2016 election, Anna Murray decided to stop talking, and to do something about her political frustration. And Thursday afternoon, she made it official.

Murray, a Jeffersonville-based attorney who operates Anna K. Murray & Associates P.C., announced her plans to run for the Democratic nomination for Indiana Senate District 46, the seat currently held by Republican Ron Grooms. The district includes New Albany, Jeffersonville, Clarksville, Georgetown and Greenville.