“Right Thing Done Rightly” as Team Gahan corrects Warren’s social research faux pas, then enjoys an ice cold bucket of Lima-A-Ritas over at the roadhouse.


“Quiet! I must say you people are a nuisance. If this is retirement, I’d rather be back at that Levy Pants.” Miss Trixie raked at them with her cookie box. “Now get out of my house and mail me my check.”

— John Kennedy Toole, A Confederacy of Dunces

There was a city council meeting on Thursday evening. I’m told the bunker door was barred and the wagons circled before the tailgate party even shut down.

Warren’s sad Board of Works social research meltdown: “Jeff Gahan’s appointees could use a refresher course in due process. After all, it is a tenet of representative government and basic justice.”

Warren’s bored, hysterical and useless — or, “Oops – NA BoW Messes Up.”

Democratic Party stalwart Warren Nash: Heck, this board hasn’t ever approved social research study requests. Besides, we already have a captive sociologist.

Unsurprisingly, the usual pillared suspects have engineered their way out of the embarrassing box their superannuated gatekeeper devised for them. No error is acknowledged, and no public input recognized beyond the perimeter of the closed circle.

Alas, the newspaper that broke the story did so unwittingly, and never once followed up amid preparations for Cooking School: The Spatula Strikes Back.

The Bookseller now returns for a final update.

Right Thing Done Rightly (NewAlbanist)

If you’ve followed this blog the past 2 days, you may want a status update.

I no longer have reason to believe that the work of the Institute for Social Research will be impeded in New Albany. And that’s a good thing. Thanks to all who made this happen.

Suffice it to say that the city has exercised its regulatory responsibilities in a courteous and professional manner. As an advocate in this matter, representing only myself but on behalf of a situation I saw as a misunderstanding, I was at all times treated with courtesy and respect.