Democratic Party stalwart Warren Nash: Heck, this board hasn’t ever approved social research study requests. Besides, we already have a captive sociologist.


On the other hand, the reporter Morris did a wonderful public service today with this concluding portion of his Board of Public Works and Keep You Safe from the Eggheads coverage.

Has board chairman and Democratic Party bigwig Warren Nash ever looked quite this flagrantly out of touch?

What was that?

Oh, yes; you’re right. The street piano debacle two years ago was worse. We apologize, Ms. Rice. Some day this bone-headed junta will be back to greeting customers at Wal-Mart.

New Albany street conversion likely to begin next month, by Chris Morris (N and T)


The board also denied a request from Karen Rice, representing the University of Michigan, for a door-to-door survey to be conducted in New Albany as part of a larger social research study being completed in the Louisville area.

The study would have likely lasted through the end of the year. Rice said residents are contacted first, with a letter, before being solicited for response. They would also be paid for their time.

Nash said it has always been board policy to deny such requests.

“Since I have been on the board we have never approved anything like this,” he said.

Let’s hope the University of Michigan makes a second request, or just comes and performs the study without asking permission — you know, like the religious zealots and political candidates knocking on doors without ever seeking permission from Warren Nash and the Band of Bored.