The blog’s junior editor nails it, but you were busy speeding through obliviously.


In the specific context of New Albany, it’s noteworthy that so many of the outraged opponents of street calming live elsewhere.

Bluegill summarizes the hypocrisy with typical precision.

I’ve been speeding through other people’s neighborhoods for years; 40 miles per hour plus, right outside their front doors. I can’t believe they have the gall after all this time to try to make me slow down. Don’t they understand that adding 2.3 minutes to my travel time will destroy the economy and ruin my quality of life? Don’t they know the streets in their neighborhoods are supposed to be designed for me and not the people who live there? I mean, how selfish can you get?

One-way? It’s the anti-social way, isn’t it?

One hundred years ago, autos symbolized freedom. Now they’re a tool for oppression, both financial and social — not that I really expect folks like this to get it.