Spare us: Both Grooms and Gahan, putting themselves and corporate interests ahead of Hoosier Families.


There assuredly are a few local Democrats who can write, but unfortunately, they’re not writing on the DemoDisneyDixiecratic Party’s website or social media pages.

Rather, we get by-the-numbers political template drivel, which might have been composed by a DNC Bot rather than a human being, such is the sad absence of a pulse.

Still, let’s take a look at two sentences, beginning with the header.

Grooms out of touch as he seeks third term

Fair enough. It’s true that Ron Grooms’ record is dismal. He’s never met an oligarch he wouldn’t fluff, or a theocrat he’d fail to enable. Local, state and national chambers of commerce undoubtedly will see to it that Grooms never pays, ever again, for his annual suite in Branson.

It’s the subheading that matters.

Record reflects putting himself and corporate interests ahead of Hoosier Families

Remember this sentence should Jeff Gahan reverse course and decide to challenge Grooms.

Also remember it if Gahan chooses to run for a third term as mayor.

Has any local politician in recent decades been more aptly summarized by party scribe Dickey’s “putting himself ahead” than Gahan? Grooms may be a corporate shill, but so is Gahan, and at least Grooms doesn’t have his portrait in every barber shop.

The chairman’s batting below the Mendoza line. Doesn’t this mean it’s time to be called up to the big leagues as shoeshine contractor for Tom Perez?