Grid Control, Vol. 11: HWC Engineering meets with St. Marks, city officials nowhere to be found.


Earlier today, John Manzo of St. Marks United Church of Christ indicated that HWC Engineering had contacted him and wanted to meet to discuss the church’s thoughts about one-way civic communications.

Grid Control, Vol. 9: “This was supposed to be discussed with us,” but Dear Leader doesn’t ever discuss, does he?

As John reports, HWC followed through. Film crews from WDRB and WAVE were spotted downtown around lunchtime, having taken their news gathering cues from … well, we know where this whole business started, don’t we?

So, in following up from yesterday, a couple of us met with the engineering firm, HWC today. To their great credit, they are NOT Ding and Bat. They seem to be willing to help at least not make this as bad as it is.

My annoyance is that we made a considerable investment to make the front of our building accessible. The money could have been used elsewhere but this is where we did it. Had we any clue of what being discussed, this project might not have taken place.

There are two things that disturb me greatly.

The first, is that the placement of the bus stop is in the worst possible location for us. While I know there is not a grand conspiracy against the downtown churches, if there was, they couldn’t have pulled it off better. Again, I am not suggesting there is a conspiracy, it’s just maddening on how this was planned.

Secondly, the lack of communication. Someone needed to talk to us before this transpired. Since my post yesterday, I greatly appreciate HWC’s willingness to talk to us. The head of the company reached out to me yesterday and fulfilled the promise that their Senior Project Manager would come by church today to discuss it. This I greatly appreciate.


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