City Hall unveils new street corner splash pads, with an ingenious example of the “sharing economy.”


Last Friday it was revealed that just in time for the return of scorching weather, Jeff Gahan’s bracingly futuristic Downtown Grid Modernization Project includes dozens of new splash pad installations.

Gahan’s innovative Splash Pad Egress Reuse Program installations are located directly adjacent to ADA accessibility ramps (see photos below).

As a City Hall Source told the Green Mouse, “Why not use the ADA ramps for standing water? It isn’t like we have disabled people in New Albany, and even if we do, they can just be shipped out to the tent camps in Greenville along with the public housing residents.”

Nevertheless, NA Confidential has learned that Gahan has proposed a characteristically bold solution to safety concerns arising from drowning. Other cities have bike shares, but New Albany will be the first American city with …

#OurNA … where hashtags and satire go to be completely overwhelmed by the prevailing politics of insipid.

Uncanny, aren’t they?