Public Housing Putsch ’17: Gahan, Trump remain in lock step as sycophants queue after the NAHA’s director of finance resigns.


It’s a measure of Jeff Gahan’s generalized ethical barrenness (GEB) that when word reached the Green Mouse that Mike Bainbridge had resigned on Thursday as director of finance and compliance at the New Albany Housing Authority (NAHA), all thoughts immediately turned to the flagrant unsuitability of whatever pre-rigged replacement is to be chosen by Gahan’s handpicked board of bobble-headed sycophants (GIGO).

ON THE AVENUES: Hi there, NAHA wastrels. My name is Peter Principle, and these are my friends Deaf and Dugout.

Given Gahan’s perennial nepotism fetish, will it be a member of the mayor’s extended family, perhaps Chris Gardner or Steve Bonifer?

Perhaps a regency by the Wizard of Westside, Dan Coffey himself? If so, he’ll need an ivory abacus with gold lamé turnbuckles — but Dugout can have it TIFFed, right?

Better yet: Bob Norwood, bootlicking insurance mogul to the stars?

And again this reminder: No local elected officials with the possible exception of a typically venomous Coffey have spoken publicly about Gahan’s plans for the NAHA.

Silence is acceptance, is it not?

Seems they’re all imaging the Orwellian words inscribed on the locomotive headed for the camps, right next to the smiley faced mud flat anchor: “Hop on Board the Quality of Life Express.”


It’s #OurNA, all right: “New Albany attempting to purge itself of the poor” … so, are local Democrats finally catching on to the Gahan shell game?