Local Democrats won’t fix the party because Adam and Jeff are delighted to FIX the party.

The ruling family in characteristically posh luxury.

I gotta hand it to the Exalted Chairman of the (still kinda sorta) Local Ruling Party.

Whenever I need the perfect photo to enhance the point of his flock’s escalating irrelevance, he always has one posted right there at the top of the feed, as when local DemoDisneyDixiecrats gathered last week to celebrate the legacy of slave-owning presidents.

Occasionally amid pockets of enlightenment, these “traditions” are modified.

Jefferson-Jackson Dinner Will Be Renamed, by Ashley Southall (NYT; 8 Aug 2015)

An Iowa Democratic Party panel voted on Saturday to change the name of the popular Jefferson-Jackson dinner, joining several state parties in distancing itself from the legacies of the two former slave-owning presidents for whom the dinner is named. (from Democrats in general have lost the ability (and the inclination) to reach out to the entire population.)

However, not in New Gahania, where introspection is as common as streetside stump grindings.

Dear Leader doesn’t reflect. He doubles down, and then Adam happily trots down to the laundry with a another basket of soiled jockstraps.

Can Democrats Fix the Party? by Tim Dickinson (Rolling Stone)

Trump’s victory exposed the party establishment as utterly broken – now Dems hope to rebuild in time for a 2018 comeback

 … Under Obama, the party infrastructure was honed to elect a president. And being a presidential party is a powerful thing – until you lose the White House. The Clinton campaign lost significantly on its own merits, though the party is loath to admit it. The same candidate who was caught flat-footed by the rise of Obama in 2008 found herself stunned by the grassroots surge behind Sen. Bernie Sanders. “And she was really surprised by how strong Trump was – and part of it was she just sucked,” says the Democratic strategist, who criticizes Clinton despite being entrenched in her center-left, pro-trade wing of the party. “At a really fundamental level we gotta get people to acknowledge what a fucking piece of shit her campaign was, because Donald Trump should not have won this election.”

The strategist adds, “Yes, Comey happened. And yes, the Russians happened. But she had more money than God, and they spent all of it trashing him and not actually rebutting his ideological agenda.” By transforming the election into a referendum on character, Team Clinton let Trump off the hook as the frontman for the extremist GOP platform. “The country’s waking up shocked to what he’s doing because Hillary didn’t actually explain to anybody what he was going to do when he became president,” the strategist says. “We focused on him groping people – and not on him saying he was going to end our alliance with Europe or he was going to strip health care. It was an amazing failure of our politics to make our case.”