THE BEER BEAT: The timeless wisdom of Dean Kay and Kelly Gordon.


Day 667. A reader asks, and I answer: No, not yet. 

When you were immersed in the day to day, it was never enough.

The critique was constant. Your work was irrelevant; for all the good it was doing, you might as well have been washing dishes rather than thinking and teaching.

Finally you took the abundant hints and stepped off the merry-go-round, only to be nickel-and-dimed into oblivion because now you’re a quitter. You find it difficult to address all this publicly, because you can see that the behavior currently being directed against you can be explained by the same behavior once directed against them.

It’s colossally sad, and you wish it were possible for there to be a “do over,” but there isn’t, and in the end, that’s life.

There’s no sense in being bitter about things or people or feelings over which you have no control. When you know in your heart that you did your fair share, and your fair share mattered when it came to creating considerable value from absolutely nothing, then it really isn’t about money, pride or reputation. It just is, and they can’t take that away from you.

Thus, today’s mantra: Can I get a shrug?

I hope this answers your question.