RDA in our time, or an early Christmas for One Southern Indiana and Rep. Ed Clere.

Thanks Martina.

Approval of Son of RDA probably was a foregone conclusion.

(1 of 2) It’s Son of Regional Development Authority, coming from your Floyd County Council at Tuesday’s meeting.

(2 of 2) Floyd County Council set to approve Son of Regional Development Authority after rejecting it two years ago.

Almost no one knew the RDA had returned to Floyd County Council for down and dirty adoption, but one thing is clear. Now that Floyd County’s governmental tier has hospital sale money to spend, we’re compelled to start paying close attention to them, too.

In 2015, council Republicans led the way in voting against RDA, but there has been turnover since then, and anyway, when all the DemoDixieDisneycrats in the room are falling over themselves to agree with Rep. Ed Clere, Wendy Dant Chesser and the regional oligarchs she represents … hey, wait.

It’s National Bourbon Day, isn’t it?

Now there’s an idea for coping skills.

But seriously … had I known sooner, much more hell would have been raised, though to be truthful, it’s on me. I missed the approaching RDA boomerang, and as we’ve gleaned from so many years observing Deaf Gahan’s bunker charades, politicians are secretive just like fish gotta swim and birds gotta fly.

I hope not to be fooled twice. Here’s a thought from regular reader Kelley Curran:

The only purpose of an RDA is to “get things done” that supposedly can’t be done now because of “politics.” Translated, because elected officials are charged with representing their constituents, it makes it difficult to do things not in those constituents’ best interests, and that frustrates the (big) business community.

Here’s a graphic from CounterPunch. The next time you see this graffiti, it’ll have been made One Southern Indiana’s homepage banner, because irony is something they’re not calculated to grasp.

The newspaper covered last evening’s meeting here. Lots of hard, cutting edge questions, and … say, what about that bourbon?