To hell with this. I’m going to a ballgame.


Road trip!

Cincinnati Reds vs. St. Louis Cardinals, at Great American Ball Park, June 8, 2017

I love day games.

I love day games on a Thursday in June when the high temperature is only 76 degrees.

I love them even more when someone else drives. Thanks, Mark. I’m taking a vacation day from blogging. If there’s to be an ON THE AVENUES column this week, it will come on Friday.

Or whenever.

Now for the important news: What to Drink at a Cincinnati Reds Game, and also this:

Expect to see many of the same breweries as last year, but they’ll change the offerings up a bit. In moves fitting for a baseball stadium, MadTree’s PsycHOPathy will be replaced with the brewery’s Rounding Third Red IPA, and Rhinegeist’s Truth with its Hustle. In addition to those, you’ll also find offerings from several other local breweries: Blank Slate, Braxton, Listermann, Moerlein, Mt. Carmel and Rivertown.