Here’s an update on District 22 Pizzeria, opening any day now in downtown New Albany.


I ran into Matt McMahan yesterday at the post office, and later he sent these photos of District 22 Pizzeria, his new project, located next to Big Four Burgers + Beer NA.

NOW HIRING!!!! Opening soon!!! Space is ready. Now just need people! Hiring drivers (must be 21 to deliver beer) , counter and cooks!! Apply at Big Four Burgers + Beer NA next door !

It will come as no surprise that staffing is the final hurdle. Simply stated, there isn’t a restaurant in metro Louisville that isn’t looking for help, and if there it is, it’s an exception.

Back in January, we had a look. The Alcohol & Tobacco Commission has mandated a few cosmetic changes to the floor plan, but the overall business model for District 22 remains intact.

District 22 Pizzeria will offer pizza AND beer delivery in New Albany.

Stay tuned for more information.