ASK THE BORED: At the corner of 7th & Market, BOW celebrates two weeks of non-access for handicapped sidewalk users.


No, it isn’t the sort of celebration we’d like to see, but BOW as yet has made no effort to wrap its institutional arms around modernity. It’s merely procedural, Warren. You must develop good habits, and to develop them, you must acknowledge you have a problem.

Instead of this: “How will (a proposal) affect parking/traffic/cars?”

You ask this: “How will (a proposal) affect handicapped users without cars?”

In practically all annual cases, just tiny bits of forethought designed to remove two-week blockages will have no ultimate effect on the Holy Writ of Autocentrism. However, these instances will immeasurably assist the disabled in getting back and forth.

It’s cultural, Warren. You’re in charge. Think you might get to the task of changing the culture — or must Jeff Gahan present it first?

When you arrive at an answer, can you have the Democratic Party ring us?

Meanwhile, here are a few highlights from the BOW meeting of Tuesday, May 30. Leading off, MAC Construction once again wins a low paving bid, although even the chairman seemed surprised at the numbers.

If $49,999 is divvied up between the Gahan for Life Fund and consulting firms owned by the mayor’s minions, can someone call the Justice Department?

Better yet, observe the two instances of public reassurance with respect to tightened paving quality standards.

Could it be that those stacks of Main Street Beautification Project complaints directed against MAC finally have Team Gahan’s heads turning with regard to perennially low performance standards?

Now a bit about the downtown street modernization rumor.

Market Street is next to be repaved, as slated for a June 12 start. Finally, $200K™ came forward to tackle Parking Problem #214.

The unasked and unanswered question: Does ordinance enforcement begin or end with this block?

Don’t hold your breath waiting for $200K™ to answer.