Scraping rock bottom: Jeff Gahan brings his cult of personality to Kroger shopping carts. But who paid for these political ads?


No way.

It couldn’t be.

In other words, Mayor Gahan encourages you to shop at just one supermarket chain to the exclusion of others — unless the city is paying for his re-election ad placements at Wally World, too.

What’t next, Big Lots?

Maybe the ads are free, intended as barter for the perfectly functional fire station the city demolished (at a loss) to facilitate Kroger’s enlargement?

Moreover, weren’t we discussing this barely two days ago?

Yes, we were.

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Manifestations of activity on the part of government also are promoted as inseparable from the leader’s benevolence, and while the leader may have utilized resources theoretically shared equally by his or her subjects, the results must always be portrayed as stemming from the wisdom of the leader.

The leader’s pre-eminence is reinforced by the constant repetition of mass marketing, including the leader’s name and image as attached to almost anything lacking the good sense to move out of the way.

Never mind. I fixed it.

Thanks to A. for the tip.