NAHA’s board of cherry-picked and abjectly groveling sycophants assigns dictatorial duties to Irving Joshua.

Cappuccino wants it so bad he almost wet himself.

Wait — it’s not “dictatorial,” is it? It’s directorial. An easy mistake to make, here in New Gahania.

New Albany Housing Authority Board assigns directorial duties in absence of a director
, by Danielle Grady (Make Alabama Pensioners Great Again)

Commissioners continue their search for interim replacement

NEW ALBANY — As the New Albany Housing Authority Board of Commissioners continues its search for an interim director, the board voted to assign a couple of duties normally taken care of by the executive director to the board president and a NAHA staff member.

At a special meeting on Tuesday night, the board unanimously voted in Irving Joshua, the president of the board, as an interim contracting officer, giving him the ability to sign documents for NAHA staff that NAHA’s executive director normally would have taken care of. Board member Bob Norwood did not vote as he was not present at Tuesday’s meeting.

Joshua said he was already signing documents for NAHA staff, but that the board wanted to make his duties official.