The next downtown merchant meeting is Tuesday, May 16, 8:30 a.m. at the Glass Gypsy in Underground Station.


First, a flashback to August, 2016.

ON THE AVENUES: There has never been a better time for an Independent Business Alliance in New Albany.

Sunday rumination: Independent local merchants can’t shy away from the big picture.

I missed the April meeting because we were in Massachusetts. As the minutes below attest, there seems to have been a fair amount of one-directional information being dispensed.

In my view, it’s regrettable that the merchant mixer meeting, an idea intended to spark discussion among stakeholders, now has become yet another top-down spoon-feeding opportunity. City Hall and DNA read marching orders. Rinse and repeat. In particular, not a word about the public housing putsch.

Up the revolution, lads and lassies — sooner rather than later. I’l get back to my single malt, but first, the raw details.

The next Merchant/Business Meeting is Tuesday, May 16, at the Glass Gypsy in Underground Station (37 Bank Street, Suite 8).

Following are unexpurgated April meeting minutes, as forwarded by Develop New Albany.

April 2017

Merchant/Business Minutes

Thanks to the New Albany Floyd County Public Library for hosting this month.

Julie Rigrish with the Small Business Development Center Stan Moore to come and talk to the group about the EMV and what it means to small business. It was very informative and we appreciate Julie for inviting him to speak to us.

May 2nd Develop New Albany Networking Mixer will be hosted by Vintage Style & Design on Main St.

May 13th Sunnyside Wine Festival will be held at the 4 H Fairgrounds. This is put on by the ladies at The Pilot Club, this is a fundraising event that helps support Safety Town. These ladies do a great job.

Harvest Homecoming Crusade Kick off is April 29th, the event is free but they will be taking donations. All the donations will stay here in New Albany.

Dave Duggins gave updates on two way streets and discussed the 5 Million that came from the Horseshoe foundation and other updates. Beginning on May 1st the two way street project will begin, no street shut downs, lane changes, and Pavers are out, decorative cross walks are planned, ADA ramps. Dedicated bike lanes on Market and Elm, Market St some shrubs coming out and trees being planted. Clean water act, Providence Way has a lot of fishing so new sidewalks and parking planned. Overlook at the Riverfront is used by so many people and will be getting improvements. Culbertson iron fence will be redone. Western portion of Greenway will be finished.

Discussion also about parking, we have 5 or 6 lots for Parking, the 8 hour parking is the biggest problem. Dave said Todd Bailey, Chief of Police will be sending out a letter to business owners regarding the parking. As a reminder for business owners and employees to be aware of the problem and use the parking garage or other public parking spots.

Courtney discussed the Neighborhood Beautification Day. Also a Mural project is planned for that day, look around and discover.

I’m sure I didn’t catch everything because Dave Duggins shared a lot of information and I know I missed somethings. Next month I will have Heather to take notes.

FYI – Heather will start sending out the minutes and reminder about the meetings so it will come from or
Heather is also doing our Facebook for Develop New Albany now.