Your sulking OUTER sphincter: The Artfinksters and their golden toilets.

Public housing memorandum of understanding.

Here at NA Confidential, the only blog in New Albany that matters, we feel the urge to visit the toilet regularly.

Because toilets matter.

We all do it, so learn more about it: “The Toilet: An Unspoken History.”

Not the late and lamented pissoir, but Germany has an idea to provide more public restrooms.

This disgusting public art street toilet desecration must stop, and now.

Your sulking inner sphincter.

Again and again, we have advocated for street toilets as public art. Now someone’s beaten New Albany to it, and not only that, it’s resistance public art.

And, it turns out that another art collective already was doing street toilets as public art in Chicago.

Back we go to the lonesome anchor in riverbank mud.


The Battle of the Golden Toilets, by Sarah Laskow (Atlas Obscura)

When art collectives feud, we all win.

On Donald Trump’s 100th day in office, gold toilets with the message “Take a Trump!” started appearing across the country. Some of the first graced Muncie, Indiana. Soon after there were at least 15: four in Indiana, five in Austin, one in D.C., one in Portland, one in Miami, two in Las Vegas, and, as of May 6, one in Los Angeles—perched next to Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

“There are still many more to come,” says the organizer of the Artfinksters, the collective that’s claimed responsibility for the golden toilets. “Where they’re gonna be … we’ll keep that a secret.”


Back in October, before Trump was elected, the Birch Reincliff Art Collective launched its own golden toilet street art project in Chicago, where the group is based. This collective was formed by a group of longtime friends, about 20 at its height, who had been working together for about two years.