You know, where the M. Fine & Sons shirt factory used to be.


Earlier this morning, the Lads of the Village were discussing the renovation of what most of us know as the M. Fine & Sons building, this being the prominent former textile factory on the 1400 block of Main Street.

I already knew the developer’s plan included assisted living units. Interestingly, Google search results show that the Denton Floyd Real Estate Group’s project to rehabilitate the structure has had two different names.

First it was to be called M. Fine Village, but now, even though these words still appear in some search results, the firms’s web pages agree that the new name is Magnolia on Main. My guess is the change occurred when an entirely separate M. Fine project got underway in Jeffersonville.

Magnolia on Main, by the Denton Floyd Real Estate Group

Specifically, the lads inquired about the development’s parking, of which there is space for little on the M. Fine property itself (note that Denton Floyd posits the creation of 66 jobs in addition to the seniors living there).

The three properties below make up the building site, and all are owned by the same LLC.

However, the two vacant properties on both sides of M. Fine are owned by the New Albany Redevelopment Commission.

I wonder how much Duggins is going to charge to park cars on those lots? Surely TIF can afford a climate-controlled guard shack.