Deaf Gahan says housing vouchers are the panacea. An NPR and PBS investigation bursts the mayor’s bunker bubble.


Perhaps Adam Dickey believes that between them, Jeff Gahan, David Duggins and Dan Coffey can solve a nationwide voucher problem right here in Go Away (Poor People) City.

It’s just another reason why New Albany’s drooling class is unfit for command.

When Housing Assistance Fails, by Tanvi Misra (CityLab)

An NPR and PBS investigation puts two housing assistance programs under the microscope—and finds fraud, discrimination, and wasted taxpayer dollars.

Section 8 vouchers were created in 1974 to help poor residents move to neighborhoods with more jobs, better schools, and less crime. But only one in four households that need rental assistance, including Section 8, actually receives it. It’s not an entitlement as many would think, Urban Institute’s Erika C. Poethig explains—it’s a housing lottery.

But the lucky winners are often relegated to neighborhoods with concentrated poverty, thanks to the program’s design. Even if these vouchers cover the entire rent, landlords in high-opportunity areas will often refuse to take them. And even if they do, people who receive housing assistance face discrimination in their new neighborhoods. As Emily Badger explained in The Washington Post, “Section 8” has become “a racial slur” over time.