BREAKING: Bob Lane has been fired by Jeff Gahan’s stacked and packed NAHA public housing board.


9:15 p.m. update: Jeff Gahan has fired Bob Lane, and if you’re wondering how Gahan treats his vanquished enemies … remember Mike Ladd? (NA Confidential)

9:20 p.m. update: New Albany Housing Authority board fires executive director; No reason cited at meeting for Bob Lane’s termination, by Elizabeth Beilman (N and T)

How proud are you, Floyd County Democrats?

We’ve learned that the latest phase of Jeff “Little Head” Gahan’s Public Housing Putsch 2017 occurred earlier this evening when Stan Robison made the motion to fire longtime NAHA director Bob Lane.

Gahan’s sycophantic sardines approved.

That’s all I know at present.

WHAS-11 apparently was at the NAHA board meeting. I’ll be back to update as the news filters through.