Me? I’m praying that the newspaper improves. Nothing else seems to work.


This reader comment wins the Internet:

Should have prayed for better weather.

The article is credited to “NEWS AND TRIBUNE,” suggesting that it has been contributed from an outside source.

Shouldn’t this be identified clearly as a press release or submission?

For me, not doing so is a unmistakable sign of intellectual dishonesty, though Bill Hanson probably reckons it helps him sell ads to churchgoers.

It’s striking to see Mayor Jeff Gahan vowing his attendance. Just last week he didn’t bother showing up to the meeting of the New Albany Housing Authority’s new board, one composed entirely of scentless sycophants Gahan himself appointed, as they voted to approve their paymaster’s annexation of public housing.

Gahan can’t look public housing residents in the eye, but he can attend religious observances on government time.

His priorities are tragically skewed, as always. Speaking of which, did the newspaper have a reporter at last evening’s city council meeting?

Maybe they’ll cover the prayer meeting.

New Albany moves National Day of Prayer service indoors

NEW ALBANY — This Thursday is predicted to be the worst day of this week, weather-wise, with rain and cold temperatures. So New Albany’s annual National Day of Prayer commemoration, which has always been held outside the City-County Building downtown, will now take place in the gym at the Salvation Army, 2300 Green Valley Road.

The time remains the same — at noon here and across the country. The public is invited to attend the brief program of music, Scripture reading and prayer involving a variety of groups within the community. The service will last no later than 12:40 p.m.

Officials with the sponsoring Salvation Army of Southern Indiana urge people to help spread the word about the venue change. They now expect that each year’s event will be held inside at this site with plenty of seating.