Top Ten posts at NA Confidential for April, 2017.

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Thanks for reading NA Confidential, where we enjoy burrowing beneath the boilerplate headlines to offer unique local perspectives. April continued the recent trend in heightened readership, testifying to a keen interest in New Albany stories, perhaps because they’re being chronically under-served elsewhere.

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377 (tie)

Caesar prepares to Flick his Bic: “Section 8 housing doesn’t impact property values in high-income neighborhoods.”

It’s never a good idea to give Team Gahan the benefit of the doubt, but accepting that the usual functionaries will be vigorously touting Section 8 vouchers as the magic cure for the rampant homelessness to follow the realization of their cherished drive to demolish public housing (I know, I know — they call themselves “Democrats”), this study is something they might be able to deploy when resettling economic refugees in Silver Hills.

377 (tie)

This disgusting public art street toilet desecration must stop, and now.

Thus far, no terrorist group has claimed responsibility.


In #OurNa, ignorance is official policy, so here’s how to safely get rid of syringes and other sharps.

Discarded needles have been seen in several downtown New Albany locations. I’m told that the response from city officials when informed of this has been one of confusion; our NA’s current drug addiction epidemic doesn’t fit comfortably with Jeff Gahan’s carefully polished image of perfection, and it makes the suburbanites squirm, and so we must turn to the city of Louisville for practical advice on how to dispose of syringes and other sharps.


A $700 meal in Paris: “This one will also leave me with memories. They are bleak and troubling. If I work hard, one day, with luck, I may be able to forget.”

Perhaps this review isn’t quite up to the lofty timelessness of Pete Wells’ immortal (and savage) take-down of Guy Fieri. Still, Jay Rayner piles on the laughs as he reviews Le Cinq, a three-star Michelin restaurant. There’ll be just a few zingers in the pull. Brutal stuff. Positively brutal.


Vaughn: THIS Public Housing Plan Will Improve the Community.

“Our problem is how we tackle the issue of preventing poverty. Some of our elected officials would rather tear down these affordable housing units because we have done our fair share as a city of housing low income individuals for Southern Indiana and Louisville. Instead of this sentiment, we need to empower our low income and poverty stricken neighbors and help them regain their footing and be able to rise above their standards. They cannot do this without a strong community and city government behind them helping them.”


Louisville City FC set to announce Butchertown stadium location as the Bud Light Limes flow like unabated storm water over at the Roadhouse.

As you can see from the satellite image, these 40 acres do not lie somewhere off Grant Line Road.


THE BEER BEAT: Jim Koch ponders whether it’s “Last Call for Craft Beer.”

Just my two cents. It’s hard feeling sorry for Jim Koch, though in some ways I do. Samuel Adams Boston Lager is one of the most important beers in American brewing history, whether “craft” or macro. It helped pioneer a whole segment, and it’s still really good for what it is.


Duggins-geddon It: Market Boy dies so that Gahan campaign monetization might live.

As you can see, the former Tommy Lancaster Restaurant still stands, but it’s only a matter of time. Coming next to this corner?


“Lads of the Village” cheerily assist WDRB in previewing two-streets from the vantage point of Thrasher’s Art Store.

Click to watch David Thrasher’s exciting star turn on WDRB. Moreover, thanks to Larry Scharlow for his timely reference to the Lads of the Village. Finally we have debuted in public consciousness.


How does Bill Allen get away with this pile? Is he a Ginkins-level donor to Jeff Gahan, or what?

Why is Deaf Gahan more eager to terrorize public housing residents than enforce codes v.v. the likes of Bill Allen?


Son of a Duggins-geddon It: Tommy Lancaster Restaurant dies so that Gahan campaign monetization might live.

Half a block has been cleared without input from an elected official apart from the mayor himself. Coming next to this corner?



With hilarity, #OurNA: Now Democratic donor Ginkins is added to Gahan’s NA housing authority yes-board of lickspittles … but is Riverside Terrace off the demolition schedule?

The Green Mouse reports that uber-important, highly-placed Democratic donor and local contractor Terry Ginkins (they’re all coincidental, mind you) has been placed on the New Albany Housing Authority (NAHA) board to further ensure a “favorable” outcome for Jeff Gahan’s “screw the poor” NAHA putsch.


Al Knable: “Today, I officially filed my paperwork establishing an exploratory committee for seeking the office of Mayor of New Albany.”

A self-explanatory post. It’s official: Things have gotten very interesting a full two years before the primary.


There goes the hood. Now I’m getting all nostalgic for redlining.

How could the neighborhood association allow this to happen? Wait — I forgot. City Hall owns the neighborhood association.


That’s a lot of cubic yards of debris coming out of a small building.

Resch Construction is on the third or fourth dumpster as the cleanup and future rehab continues at the former Good Times, 114 East Market Street.


It’s #OurNA, all right: “New Albany attempting to purge itself of the poor” … so, are local Democrats finally catching on to the Gahan shell game?

Make no mistake: I’m delighted to read this column. For far too long, local Democratic pretend-liberals have denounced Republican anti-social behavior while venerating Gahan for precisely the same knee-and-phallus-jerking. In particular, party chairman Adam Dickey spews hypocrisy like the wood chipper following in the wake of downtown street tree deforestation. Thanks, Susan Ryan. We deeply appreciate it. Does anyone else other than you in the local party get it?


Just a photo of Ohio River Greenway construction.

I always wondered how they’d manage a shared use path separate from the roadway at this bottleneck, which is on the western side of the new Greenway construction, near to the previously completed segment by the amphitheater.


Saying goodbye, and resuming the journey.

Getting back to the point, my parents were pragmatists, and seldom made frivolous expenditures. In this spirit, it seemed appropriate to me to bury their ashes together in the place they’d originally chosen. Yesterday this was done.


Now even the bones are visible at 114 E. Market Street.

I’m not sure how much more of the building can be stripped before there’s nothing left except air.


Better times? Off with the mummy’s vinyl at 114 E. Market Street.

Earlier today, I declined to guess how many cubic yards of debris were coming out of such a small building. However, I had no idea the vinyl was coming off today.


Wouldn’t you love to know which D.C.-based putsch consultant wrote Deaf Gahan’s “luxury in our time” public housing statement?

Those high-dollar D.C. flacks probably were laughing to themselves as they cut and pasted the boilerplate, safe in the knowledge that no one in a position of authority at a “local” chain newspaper would bother checking its origin.