All the New England 2017 links in one convenient location.


Beginning Thursday, April 13 and ending Saturday, April 22, here are the complete set of links to photos and narrative documenting our spring break trip to New England.

Old England, New England … either one works for me. It was a fine time, and I’m looking forward to the next visit.

New England 2017: How to avoid Thunder by jetting to Portland, Maine for spring break.

New England 2017: From Portland to Popham Beach, with plenty of diversions in between.

New England 2017: Popham Beach State Park.

New England 2017: Saturday in South Portland, not to neglect the Great Lost Bear and other wonders.

New England 2017: Ruby at Easter with the Unimog.

New England 2017: From the top of Mt. Holyoke, the Pioneer Valley is stunning.

New England 2017: The many delights of Northampton, and a digression on Jonathan Edwards.

New England 2017: Lots of Naismiths, and so a visit to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Massachusetts seems fitting and proper.

New England 2017: A sunny day’s walk in Northampton, and Rauchbier revisited.

New England 2017: On a rainy day, a walk around the Mt. Holyoke College campus.

New England 2017: Hartford Whalers, Mark Twain and a Thunderous avoidance.