Summers sez: The two-way street project I’ve been recommending for 12 long years may finally be starting.


I’l believe it when I see it.

Meanwhile, the reporter surely intended to write it this way: “Elm Street and Spring Street between State and Vincennes streets.”

The program provides for the conversion of these streets to two-way traffic:

►Market Street from First to Vincennes streets.
Elm Street from Spring Street to between State and Vincennes streets.
►Pearl Street from Elm to Main Street.
►Bank Street from Oak Street to Main.

NA Confidential has been advocating two-way streets since at least 2005. We’d like our congratulatory plaque to be placed at 1112 East Spring Street, please — facing toward the house if possible.

Thank you. Thank you very much.

New Albany to begin conversion of one-way streets to two-way, by Sheldon S. Shafer (The Courier-Journal)

Seven years since a study first proposed the initiative, the city of New Albany, Indiana, is on the verge of beginning the conversion of several of its key one-way downtown streets to two-way traffic.

Preliminary construction work, including some borings and pavement markings, is starting this week, New Albany City Engineer Larry Summers said in an interview Monday.

The $1.9 million contract — all federal money — signed with Ragle Inc. calls for completion of the street conversions by Sept. 30, he said.