New England 2017: Ruby at Easter with the Unimog.

Ben allows Ruby to pilot the Unimog.

As is my usual custom, I’ll be posting photos, commentary and links about our trip; the daily accounts will be back-dated to coincide with their occurrence. It won’t be the most thrilling reading, but in addition to whatever else NAC may or may not have become over the years, it’s still a personal blog, and you’re fully entitled to views of our holiday.

Three days in Maine were just a prelude to spring break’s primary purpose, visiting Diana’s niece Jen, her husband and their daughter Ruby.

On Easter morning, we enjoyed a final round of delicious doughnuts from Tony’s (have you noticed a constant motif?) and drove three hours from Portland to South Hadley, Massachusetts. Liaising briefly with our hosts at their Airbnb just outside Northampton, we checked into Rubyland.

A late afternoon Easter feast of ham and all the fixings took place at the Connecticut home of Ben’s parents, and I was delighted to learn that his brother and brother-in-law are beer enthusiasts. There was a discussion about regional options, including this locally-brewed Coffee Stout.

Ben’s brother got this great shot of Ruby behind the wheel of the Unimog.

She must have been approaching a roundabout.