And who defines this truth? “Bookmark: Sex, Lies and Jerzy Kosiński.”


A recent oblique reference …

What do you know? Chance the gardener was right, after all.

 … led to refresher about the life of Jerzy Kosiński, author of Being There.

This clip repeats midway through, but contains an interesting conversation about television and the passive act of watching.

He was an actor, too. Here’s a clip from the only Warren Beatty film that really matters, Reds, with Kosiński appearing as Zinoviev.

A strange and contradictory figure, indeed.

Sex, Lies and Jerzy Kosinski

The BBC documentary on the life and art of enigmatic novelist Jerzy Kosinski. Through interviews with his second wife Kiki von Fraunhofer-Kosinski, friends and fellow authors, and Polish villagers who knew Kosinski when he was a child hiding from the scourge of Nazism, this program attempts to assess the verity of Kosinski’s “autobiographical” fiction, the need for him to maintain a nebulous mystique about his early life, and to understand his obsession with S&M sex clubs in Manhattan during the 1970s and 1980s.