Wastin’ away again in Nizhny Novgorod: “Putin Derangement Syndrome Arrives.”

As I remember him (photo credit).

Since I’ve been to Russia a few times …

Euro ’85, Part 30 … Or, as it was called at the time, Leningrad.

“My shoes are filled with Volga mud … “

 … and once might well have enjoyed fine East German beer in the same room as Vladimir Putin …

Pilsners with Putin: 1989 Revisited (Part One).

Pilsners with Putin: 1989 Revisited (Part Two).

Pilsners with Putin: 1989 Revisited (Part Three).

Pilsners with Putin: 1989 Revisited (Part Four).

 … I’m designating myself the reigning local expert. As such, my expertise compels me to defer to a journalist who actually lived in Russia for a long time. Ladies and gentlemen, the inimitable Matt Taibbi.

Putin Derangement Syndrome Arrives, by Matt Taibbi (Rolling Stone)

 … Even I think there should be a legitimate independent investigation – one that, given Trump’s history, might uncover all sorts of things. But almost irrespective of what ends up being uncovered on the Trump side, the public prosecution of this affair has taken on a malevolent life of its own.

One way we recognize a mass hysteria movement is that everyone who doesn’t believe is accused of being in on the plot. This has been going on virtually unrestrained in both political and media circles in recent weeks.