Here’s your city council agenda for Monday evening.


Owing to prior commitments, as well as the preservation of what’s left of my sanity, I’ll be unable to attend the two April council meetings.

Tonight’s scorecard is here:

The council packet for tonight’s meeting runs to a whopping 125 pages in PDF format, most of which is devoted to mind-numbing legalese defining the parameters of G-17-04.

This measure appears to be a refinancing of redevelopment bonds downtown to free up money to use in conjunction with last week’s Horseshoe Foundation tithe, so as to facilitate implementation of the beloved Conducator’s plans for improvements in his own suburban Disneyesque image.

City Hall describes the four major projects to be funded (in part?) through the Horseshoe Foundation’s $5 million gift.

In short, if the fix is in, it’s time to pop a few corks, kick back, and enjoy the pervasive banality.

ON THE AVENUES: Our great and noble leader is here to stay, so let’s break out the țuică and make a joyful noise.

By the way, thanks to Matt Nash for his kind words at the last meeting in March. They are appreciated.