Transparency in schools is a relative term, redevelopmentally non-binding in the sense of … “Is Hibbard gone yet?”


By the way, New Albany’s Redevelopment Commission spent money to support the school corporation’s property tax referendum last November (minutes from the September meeting, above). Note that the President is Irving Joshua, and the Director is David Duggins … and the secretary taking notes is Adam Dickey.

Yep, the fix remains in.

Now, to the topic of this post.

I’m the first to concede these past weeks have been fractured, to say the least. My head hasn’t been in the game, but still, I’d have sworn that something appeared here at NAC about the “open door” complaint.

It’s unanimous as the NAFC school board rejects Hibbard’s rollover.

We think this means Dickey wants Gahan’s bedmate Hibbard to keep his job, but it’s such bad writing that it’s hard to tell.

Lee Cotner is appointed to a third stint on the NAFC school board.

Maybe it was a Facebook discussion instead.

Obviously, I favor the greatest amount of transparency possible. More daylight and greater openness always are preferable to less.

That said, contrast the chain newspaper’s headline with the content; the ruling is “non-binding,” and and access counselor himself concedes it to be a “technicality.”

Damn, I wish New Albany had a newspaper.

NA-FC school board violated the Open Door Law, rules public access counselor, by Danielle Grady (Hanson Pay to Play Gazette)

Board decided upon a replacement at an executive session

NEW ALBANY — The Indiana Public Access Counselor has issued a non-binding ruling that the New Albany-Floyd County school board violated the Open Door Law during the replacement process of former board member DJ Hines.

A complaint was filed against the school board earlier this year by former board member Mark Boone after the board agreed upon — but did not take a vote on — a replacement for Hines during an executive session on Jan. 18.