Caesar prepares to Flick his Bic: “Section 8 housing doesn’t impact property values in high-income neighborhoods.”


It’s never a good idea to give Team Gahan the benefit of the doubt, but accepting that the usual functionaries will be vigorously touting Section 8 vouchers as the magic cure for the rampant homelessness to follow the realization of their cherished drive to demolish public housing (I know, I know — they call themselves “Democrats”), this study is something they might be able to deploy when resettling economic refugees in Silver Hills.

Except that ranking “Democrat” and future mayoral hopeful Tiberius Severus Octavian Elagabalus Septimius Augustus Claudius Hadrian Caesar– Protector of Fitting and Proper Scribnerian Values, Deliverer of all Downtown Datedness, Master of the Ex-Mercantile, and Guardian of the Gates — isn’t going to let that happen, is he?

Study: Section 8 housing doesn’t impact property values in high-income neighborhoods, by Caitlin Bowling (Insider Louisville)

Despite common thought, Section 8 housing does not negatively impact property values in well-off neighborhoods, according to a study by Paul Dries, a University of Louisville doctoral graduate.

People draw correlations between Section 8 housing, crime and a decline in property values. However, Dries said, that isn’t true.

Dries analyzed data from 178 census tracts in Louisville and found that property values declined in areas in which a high concentration of Section 8 housing already exists such as Newburg, West Louisville and southwest Louisville, but the introduction of Section 8 housing into higher-income neighborhoods in the East End had no effect, his study found …