Bob Caesar’s intrinsically sad battle against drug addiction treatment clinics — and this supposed Democrat’s heroic ongoing advocacy of the beautiful people.

From the last council meeting.

Those people dying from overdoses … they’re not our kind of people, are they … and they just don’t look good, do they?

America’s opioid epidemic is worsening (The Economist)

States are losing the battle against deadly drugs like heroin and fentanyl.

But we don’t have this problem in New Albany, do we Bob?

Even Healthy-Looking Suburbs Are Dying From Drugs, by Laura Bliss (CityLab)

Some communities are much sicker than they look, according to our analysis of CDC data and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s new county health rankings.

 … Drug mortality rates are notoriously shifty; according to the CDC, they’re likely undercounted in many counties, due to unresolved cases and misclassification. But the national trend is clear: Americans are dying too young from addiction—even in communities that otherwise appear healthy.

How long must we be saddled with the clueless (and corrupt) likes of Bob Caesar?