Sleaford Mods: “Our shows are a bit like resistance in motion.”


Brexshit: Also, view parts 1/3 and 2/3.

Henceforth, the duo known as Sleaford Mods has been a very British phenomenon. Since last year’s Brexit referendum, the analysis has reached the continent.

The angriest (and most political) band in Britain

We’re in a situation now where I think people really need to take on a responsibility to learn, and to educate themselves. People need to feel angry about it; they should feel angry about it. In the poorer areas, there’s no education about politics. There’s no education about the system and how it works and what we need to do to survive.

As I write, Jason and Andrew are stateside for their first-ever American dates.

Sleaford Mods: We Gotta Get Out Of This Place, by Sasha Frere-Jones (Stereogum)

… The healing here is in the act of throwing yourself into a hopeless vision, a spin on the “getting on with it” intrinsic to Britishness. This impulse could be borrowed. Before Americans can sort out how many different cohorts sold out how many other cohorts, they — we — can find a way to say “we fucked up” without giving up.

I’ll be kicking myself in the arse for not going to Chicago on Monday.