Cosmetic surgery: Horseshoe Foundation gives Jeff Gahan $5 million to spend on whatever he damn well pleases.


4:15 p.m. update: City Hall describes the four major projects to be funded (in part?) through the Horseshoe Foundation’s$5 million gift.

The down and dirty: Horseshoe is tithing $5 million for New Albany.

$2.5 million is to be devoted to a westward expansion of the Greenway from its current amphitheater terminus toward the vicinity of QRS (recycling; presumably to be reclaimed), and another $2.5 toward facade grants (details undisclosed) and “beautification” in downtown, including amphitheater touch-ups.

There are no further details at this time. I shot some sloppy video. If you have the stomach for self-congratulatory rhetoric (not a word of which recognizes the investments made by independent local businesses), then have at them.

The public has had no input into the planning, and we can only hope the Foundation has some measure of control over the disbursements.

Jerry Finn introduces Mark Seabrook, who contemplates whether he’s ever going to run for mayor.

Horseshoe’s Brad Seigel.

Pat McLaughlin recognizes the power of his board appointments.

The dignitaries sign, and Jeff Gahan launches into agoraphobic outer space.

Just remember: We’re all here because we’re not all there.