Clark County newspaper’s New Albany editor capably eulogizes the late Tommy Lancaster Restaurant.


Let’s give credit where credit is due, because Chris Morris excels at eulogies, whether for people or buildings (below).

At the same time, it still strikes me as telling that throughout the process of the city purchasing properties in the vicinity of the former Tommy’s, the fated verdict has been accepted without question.

The city will work non-transparently to purchase buildings; there will be no opinion proffered by the usual historic preservation watchdogs; the demolitions will follow in short order; and everyone at the newspaper from Morris on down will rinse and repeat: “Tommy’s, the building, needed to be torn down.”

Probably. But of course, given this was the pre-determined outcome. How do we know for sure, when nothing about the process was above board, and everything about the process was intended to produce a pre-conceived result?

Enjoy your meals.

MORRIS: Tommy’s was the perfect place, by Chris Morris (That Clark County Paper)

… If there was ever a New Albany institution, it was Tommy Lancaster Restaurant. The food was great, the beer was cheap, and it was a place where everyone in New Albany — from the rich and famous to the guy down the street who came in after work — gathered.