Since 2013 (and before), the Mt. Tabor Road beak-wetting boondoggle is a large millstone hung around Jeff Gahan’s neck. Mayor overboard?


It’s important to remember that Jeff Gahan did not become mayor until January 1, 2012. Before this, he served two terms as councilman for the 6th district, which includes the Mt. Tabor Road neighborhood referenced here.

In short, given the time generally required to mint and plan such big ticket roadwork boondoggles as the absurdly tagged “Mt. Tabor Road Restoration and Pedestrian Safety Project” (and I’m the one who uses too many words?), it obviously dates back into Gahan’s council tenure.

By extension, given the ill-tempered stubbornness for which the mayor is renowned as far away as Bob Hall, it’s equally evident that having spent a half-dozen or more years conjuring this asphalt-laden, traffic-speed-enhancing “gift” to the peasants, he’s absolutely determined to ram the daintily wrapped arterial down their ungrateful throats, come what may.

In this context, Gahan’s perennial joy in campaign finance enrichment — no unwetted beaks left behind in New Gahania — actually runs a poor second to the unfettered expanse of his ego. At NA Confidential, the story began in 2013. The following links are chronological, from oldest to newest.

October 19, 2013

The city is thinking about doing road shit. Really. It says so, over there behind that wall.

Duggins said that anything you’ve heard about the Slate Run Road, Mount Tabor Road and Captain Frank Road projects is true, unless it isn’t. All are being contemplated, unless they aren’t. The mayor will consider modifications, unless he won’t. The usual suspects from Pool “A” will design these projects and build them, unless other usual suspects from Pool “B” are chosen instead. To reveal more would mean having to kill us all, and the street department can’t manage such a clean-up.

November 5, 2013

Council meeting: Mt. Tabor residents advocate for two-way streets … sort of.

The city’s proposed changes would make the road in front of them more likely to be driven by a greater number of cars, and at a rate faster than before, a situation of induced demand likely to be taken advantage of by outsiders with no better reason than passing through because they can, thus rendering the corridor less safe for neighborhood residents … and yes, that’s right, creating a scene designed to negatively impact their quality of life.

December 26, 2013

ON THE AVENUES: Roundabouts make the politicians really ring.

Roundabouts are not intrinsically evil, but the Mt. Tabor Road residents looked past the surface dollar sheen and got to the heart of the matter: Roadway engineers would be altering conditions to suit the maxim of moving traffic through their neighborhood as “efficiently” as possible, and by doing so, would be reducing their quality of life in an almost mathematical, commensurate ratio.

December 27, 2013

The Great Roundabout Turnabout of 2013 and pedestrian friendliness.

In the newspaperman Suddeath’s piece, city hall floats the notion that the Mt. Tabor roundabout was pulled because it abruptly became evident that it would not be “pedestrian friendly.” Speaking personally, I believe this to be a red herring the approximate stature of the Elsby Building … BUT if the Gahan administration wishes to stick to the walkability argument, I’m fully in favor of accepting it.

January 9, 2014

On the Rosenbarger planning conundrum, and FAN Fair, here I come.

Much like the sacrifice of Mount Tabor residential areas for poorly developed commercial strips on its fringes, the sacrifice of Spring and other nearby streets for Main has long been a part of the plan.

Rosenbarger’s dismal performance at FAN Fair deserves another look, here.

July 23, 2016

Council frivolity, slice of the second part: “Gahan Cares More About Concrete Than People.”

John Rosenbarger sat at his desk. Outside his door, the clamor of the peasantry could be heard amid the clatter of pitchforks. He spat, then threw back his last shot of fiery sarsaparilla.

“The grandeur of my physique, the complexity of my worldview, the decency and taste implicit in my carriage, the grace with which I function in the mire of today’s world – all of these at once confuse and astound the buffoons at Mt. Tabor and Klerner Lane.”

Rosenbarger gazed at his reflection in the framed portrait of Robert Moses.

“But Jeffie’s got my back, bro.”

August 2, 2016

The city’s spin doctors have outdone themselves on this one: Meet the “Mt. Tabor Road Restoration and Pedestrian Safety Project.”

It’s simply amazing what vocal citizen opposition to a New and Improved Round O’ Rosenbarger Cream Tort will do to bring David Duggins bounding full Sellersburg up the stairs from the Down Low Bunker to inform city council that with construction work about to start, now’s the time for operatives to fan out through the neighborhood to alter misconceptions — but not only that, there’ll be a post-decision public meeting on August 22 to further encourage conformity.

August 4, 2016

Chronicles of New Gahania: Mt. Tabor Road residents form civil defense squad to guard against John Rosenbarger.

Decades of poor planning and development decisions on New Albany’s outskirts have created automobile traffic and drainage problems where there were none. Now, the City says that by redesigning the road for more cars going even faster, they’re improving pedestrian safety and by substantially increasing the amount of impermeable surface area they’re improving drainage. If any of our city planners or engineers had an ounce of intellectual and professional integrity, they’d speak up in opposition. That’s pretty much a guarantee they won’t. A decent mayor, should we ever get one, will fire all of them.

August 4, 2016

ON THE AVENUES: Federal funding mechanisms total eighty percent. The other half is unalloyed political malice.

Clark County resident David Duggins duly was dispatched to spray gasoline on the brush fire, which he accomplished with his usual aplomb by threatening to send the Rasputin of Redevelopment and other city officials into the afflicted neighborhoods to knock on doors and remedy “misperceptions”, which immediately sent panicked refugees streaming toward Silver Creek, into the newspaper’s Clark County coverage area.

August 6, 2016

Look at Gahan hide, hide. Not to worry, because John “Human Shield” Rosenbarger is standing by, eager to obfuscate.

In other news, it took a long while, but the intentionally understaffed Jeffersonville-based “community” newspaper has clanked ineffectually into gear, producing drab content, but inadvertently shining a tepid light on the Gahan regime’s boilerplate, namely that the mayor himself won’t personally be touching this one.

August 20, 2016

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, Mt. Taborites: “They’re looking at it as more of an arterial road to move traffic though than a quality of living project.”

I can’t agree with all the objections voiced by the Mt. Tabor Road residents, but from the very beginning, they’ve grasped an essential point, because the “project” has been one designed to make the road usable by an increased number of cars, and an increased number of cars means a decreased quality of life.

August 22, 2016

Tonight at OLPH: Mt. Tabor Campaign Finance Restoration and Propaganda Safety Project spoonfeeding.

This evening, what’s already been decided will be explained to you. You’re feeling better already, right? Someone asked whether Mayor Gahan will be in attendance.

August 29, 2016

An Orwellian wetting of beaks — or, some thoughts about the Mt. Tabor arterial enfluffment and timbering project.

But you see, there’s no way a euphemism like the Mt. Tabor Road Restoration and Pedestrian Safety Project cannot happen, once the federal funds have been committed. If someone else pays, the money must be used, whether to grease an arterial or construct a subway to Xanadu. Beaks must be kept wet. This is the cycle of political life, and it need not be connected to master plans or larger truths. It simply is.

December 21, 2016

Phipps, McLaughlin pleasure mayor, oppose Blair’s 6th district stormwater impact efforts, but the investigative measure passes council anyway.

Representatives of the usual engineering suspects and a handful of civic appointees were on hand at the council meeting to reiterate the municipal party line: As it pertains to stormwater, those Mt. Tabor area residents who insist on trusting their own two eyes instead of the mayor’s should be ignored, and The Plan allowed to proceed.

March 22, 2017

Shane Gibson is unaccountable yet again as “City of New Albany Withholding Public Records in Mount Tabor Road Land Grab.”

Following is a press release, courtesy of local businessman Colin Receveur. Municipal corporate counsel Shane Gibson’s cavalier disregard for public information requests is legendary. I’m delighted to his snared in arrogance of his own making.

March 24, 2017

‘Bune snoozes and IL gets the scoop: “City of New Albany, residents head to court over road improvement project.”

“From all the discussion on this subject over the past 4 years, it has become apparent that the only person supporting dual sidewalks at this location is the Mayor of New Albany,”

March 26, 2017

Mt. Tabor Road euphemism project: If City Hall looks bad, that’s only because it’s doing the damage to itself.

It isn’t just that those federal 80/20 construction grants are like crack. It’s that to Team Gahan, openness is like Ebola.