Lucky ol’ Cornerstone Engineering: Redevelopment awards $17,500 contract to explore the possibility of “wrapping the parking garage and adding apartments and businesses to the structure.”


Here’s one out the blue.

Redevelopment Commission secretary Adam “Where the Fix Is Always In” Dickey records Irving Joshua’s strange musings on the possibility of the State Street parking garage’s adaptive reuse (from the meeting of February 14).

Wouldn’t you love it if Cornerstone came back with a recommendation to convert the parking garage into a farmers market?

Develop New Albany’s on-line farmers market “poll” is a reeking, juvenile cesspool of intellectual dishonesty. (March 8, 2014)

Why is DNA opposed to having an intelligent community discussion about the farmers market and its place in a revitalizing downtown without resorting to the misconceptions and scaremongering?

Moreover, if we’re paying engineering consultants to explore different uses for the parking garage, does it mean we don’t have a parking problem, after all?

We need to hurry with the public art solution before Dogs Playing Poker wins — again.