About me, and what’s coming next.


For seven years beginning in 1985, I took four long trips to Europe; added together, the time abroad came to roughly 20 months. Back then I joked that it was better to “retire” young, instead of waiting until you’re old and can’t enjoy it. Jesting aside, between trips I generally held two jobs, so it wasn’t entirely leisure. I was working at what became NABC as early as late 1989 and early 1990, and from 1992 until 2015, it was my full-time gig. 

The preceding is intended as prelude to thoughts I posted at Facebook on Friday, and lightly edited for reprinting here. I’ve kept very busy these past two years, just not in terms of remunerative employment. It’s been groovy and amazing, and tantamount to an non-credit post-graduate education. However, the times-they-are-a-changing, and it’s time for me to change with them. Your thoughts and ideas aren’t merely appreciated. They’re essential. 

It has been almost two years, and many of you have asked what I’ve been doing since announcing the divorce from NABC in 2015.

It’s a fair question.

First and most obvious has been trying to broker a divorce (business sale) settlement. They’re harder than they look.

Second, as previously noted, my mother’s health has been worsening — slowly at first, then more rapidly of late. Remaining “at large” in employment terms has enabled me to be there for her when needed.

Also, I was able to get political, run for mayor and devote time to learning, writing and travel. Being a house husband has been a blast, and D has been supportive. It’s all been fine, though the larder gets depleted after a time.

Recently I’ve been strategizing about a business comeback under narrowly defined parameters, because full-tilt gonzo entrepreneurial pursuits don’t have quite the lure as before — and it made sense to wait until the NABC situation made better sense, as I believe it finally has (fingers crossed).

Maybe, maybe not. I’d rather be a cog than a principal.

The conclusion: Big changes are under way in my world, not all of which I can control, though some I can. I’m desirous of any suggestions (or for that matter, jobs) you might have for my immediate future. I have a solid work ethic; I’m just not sure what to do with it at present.

I’ve never followed many rules, but always tried to bend them to suit me. Most of the time this has sufficed, which may explain the unorthodox approach.

Your suggestions and advice needn’t be proffered here; rather, let’s have coffee … or a beer.

Thanks for reading yet again … this marks my being almost human twice in less than 24 hours. Like I’ve been insisting, the sole prerequisite for a comeback is that you must first go away. Please help me explore options.