Read this New Albany Housing Authority fact sheet and ponder the safety net Jeff Gahan seeks to demolish along with bricks and mortar.


As an antidote to the vapid Gahan personality cult …

Public housing demolition men: “Hi, I’m Mayor Jeff Gahan and this is David Duggins, and we’re here to help.”

 … facts pertaining to reality always are useful. The following is reprinted verbatim from the NAHA web site. As you read, please be honest — how many of them did you know?


The New Albany Housing Authority (NAHA) was established in March of 1937 and began providing affordable housing to the residents of New Albany in 1938. Since the 1930’s the New Albany Housing Authority has evolved to become much more in the lives of it’s residents than a provider of a roof and four walls. The Housing Authority provides opportunity for self-improvement and personal growth for young families, senior citizens and those eager to improve their career and life prospects.

NAHA Fact Sheet – Beyond Sticks and Bricks – Changing Lives

Updated February 21, 2017

1. March 30, 1937-Year NAHA began providing Affordable Housing to New Albany Residents.

2. 162- Number of Private Landlords who receive over 2 million Section 8 dollars from NAHA.

3. 24 Points-Number of preference points you receive for NAHA housing if you live in New Albany.

4. 33-Number of Home Owners with 0 defaults in NAHA Home Ownership Program. (2/21/2017)

5. $654,000-amount of $ given by HUD to NAHA for Family Self-Sufficiency Programs

6. $0-Amount of funding required by Local and State Government to operate NAHA Programs.

7. 40+ -Number of local Communities Agencies who provide services in partnership with NAHA.

8. $71,414.84-Amount of dollars given to The City of New Albany and to NA-FC Schools in 2015.

9. 16 Years-In a row, No Significant Deficiencies or Material Weakness Findings by External Auditors.

10. Less than 4 years-Number of years Residents average living on NAHA properties.

11. 246- Number of Families who moved into NAHA Properties.(1/1/2015-12/31/2015)

12. 866-Total number of Applicants for Public Housing, Valley View, and Section 8 housing for 2015.

13. 2-Number of funding sources for NAHA- Resident paid Rent and Housing and Urban Development subsidy

14. 30% Percentage of their adjusted income- Amount NAHA Residents pay for rent.

15. 102-Number of homeless persons (certified by local referring partners) NAHA housed in 2015.

16. Less than 15 Days-Time needed to clean, repair, and paint a unit before a new Residents gets the keys.

17. 45.5%-Number of Youth under 18 years old who live with their families on NAHA properties (903) (2/21/2017)

18. Over $3,000,000-Amount in dollars NAHA has received for social service grants since 1999.

19. 98%+-occupancy rate of NAHA properties for the last four years.

20. More than 95%- Percentage of NAHA rent collection, which exceeds industry averages.

21. National High Performer-NAHA is a Housing and Urban Development Section 8+ Public Housing High Performer.

22. 340-Number of Youth under the age of five years old who live on NAHA properties. (17%) (2/21/2017)

23. $11,029.82 per year- Average family income of residents who live on NAHA properties. (2/21/2017)

24. 722#-Female Heads of Households, 248#-Male Heads of Households who live on NAHA properties. (2/21/2017)

25. 2014 – NAHA received 2-National NAHRO Merit of Housing Program Awards

26. Less than 1.9%- Number of NAHA Families on TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families).

27. $216.86- Average monthly rent Families pay to NAHA for their Home. (2/21/2017)

28. 9- Number of NAHA Residents currently enrolled for their GED. (2/21/2017)

29. 2013-NAHA National Housing Award Winner-Excellence in Housing Award-From Nan McKay and Associates

30. 250+ Seniors-Number of Elderly Residents NAHA transports to Doctors appointments and to the grocery to keep them independent and healthy. Oldest NAHA Resident—Age 94.