Susan Ryan’s excellent newspaper column about symbols.


I’ve known the author for a while, and she’s a fine writer. The teaser paragraph actually is her conclusion, but it might as well serve as introduction. You’ll want to read it all.

Certainly Susan is correct, and symbols genuinely matter. She’s a left-winger like me. Let’s hope she’ll be writing about the wretched symbolism inherent in the Floyd County Democratic Party’s oblivious acquiescence in Jeff Gahan’s public housing takeover scheme.

If indeed the putsch against affordable housing is disturbing, then shouldn’t the rank and file say as much? It’s making the local party look even worse … if that’s even possible.

Are there any Democrats in New Albany “brave enough to say ‘this is not what we are about'”?

RYAN: Outward symbols the hallmark of inner feelings, by Susan Ryan (Hanson Slip Stream)

 … Symbols matter. The symbol of the steeple on the Town Clock Church is a symbol of fraternity, of hope, of sacrifice, of honoring God’s image in one another. The symbol in front of the Police Station is one of fear and is inappropriate for a city-owned building. Is there any public official in New Albany brave enough to say “this is not what we are about”?