VIDEO: Watch 3rd district councilman Greg Phipps introduce and read R-17-03, a resolution “Condemning the Promotion of Intolerance,” which was approved 8-0 on Monday night.


(Edited on March 8 to include the newspaper link)

Elizabeth Beilman’s newspaper coverage of the New Albany City Council meeting of Monday, March 6, 2017 can be found here:

New Albany City Council responds to white supremacy fliers, by Elizabeth Beilman (Hanson SoIn Business Source).

NEW ALBANY — The city of New Albany does not tolerate religious or racial discrimination — that’s the stance the city council took Monday night in response to white supremacy fliers posted around the city two weeks ago.

For a quick overview, proceed to my Twitter feed.

In these videos, 3rd district councilman Greg Phipps introduces (above) R-17-03, a resolution “Condemning the Promotion of Intolerance,” and then reads the official text (below) prior to the vote. The resolution passed 8-0, with Dan Coffey absent — sparing attendees the inevitable floor show.

Full disclosure: I used my allotted agenda item speaking time to support the principles embodied by the anti-intolerance resolution, but also to note that New Albany government is becoming increasingly prone to gesture politics, as with the formation of a Human Rights Commission designed to look good only on paper, while destined to be kept on blocks in the street department garage.

Gesture politics: Any political action focused on public opinion or publicity rather than making a significant change or contribution.

There’ll be more to say. For now, I yield the floor to CM Phipps.