Council Power Poll: Join us as Dan Coffey selects the next city council attorney.


Don’t forget, because it’s White Supremacist Night at Monday’s meeting: Seize the gesture and read the city council’s non-binding “Resolution Condemning the Promotion of Intolerance.”

Having succeeded in deposing longtime city council attorney Matt Lorch at the behest of Guido Cappuccino, Team Gahan now turns to fixing a successor. The packet for tonight’s meeting includes resumes from three potential candidates.

Steven S. Lohmeyer
Kristi L. Fox
Amy Rebecca Stein

Lohmeyer’s CV runs to the length of a Tolstoy novel, including details about his distinguished local family’s preferred brand of kitty litter and where they vacationed in 1986.

Fox practices law with her father, a noted local Republican, which will disqualify her from service until January 1, 2020, when Admiral Dickey will have run city Democrats aground as effectively as he has the ones in the county.

Stein practices law with her father, a noted local Democrat, and she appears to be the most left-leaning option (in the context of right-wing NA). This should prompt much spittle and bile on the part of Dan Coffey, who didn’t knife Lorch in the back to be seen seated next to a liberal twice monthly.

In the absence of other candidates, my guess is Lohmeyer as prohibitive favorite, but don’t take my word for it.

Ask Jeff Gahan what Dan Coffey thinks — then flee the stench accordingly.