Bipartisanship, Nawbany-style: Jeff, Adam and Pat sacrifice a fellow Democrat so Danny C. Trump can place a Republican as council attorney.


Quoth the Green Mouse: “Consider this.”

All 6th district councilman Scot Blair must do to see a Republican installed in the council attorney seat is vote with Dan Coffey and the three “real” sitting Republicans, and voila: Kristi Fox is right there, seated next to Coffey.

Scratching your head, you wonder if this is what the Three Democratic Stooges had in mind during the six weeks they spent chasing Matt Lorch around the council chamber with a rubber knife.

Slapstick Troika: “We have come here to remind Lorch that his future in the party requires being a good soldier and stepping aside, not to praise him.”

Lorch: “I’m not dead yet.”

ST: “Stop running around the room. This is for Gahan’s your own good! Don’t you want us to allow you run for judge again?”

It’s funny how when Trump does it, local Democrats are outraged, but when they do it … we’re supposed to rise and salute.