Loss leader? Adam wrote a press release about himself as standard bearer for the Democrats.

Film at 11.

According to testimony from a peanut gallery populated by his sycophants, party chairman Adam Dickey is doing all he can. He washes jockstraps, sweeps the floors, sells popcorn, write self-laudatory press releases … and still finds time to guide local Democrats through a series of catastrophic losses (in elections) and own-goals (in support of Emperor Gahan’s accumulative agenda).

ON THE AVENUES: A luxury-obsessed Jeff Gahan has packed a board and now seeks to break the New Albany Housing Authority. Can we impeach him yet?

ON THE AVENUES: Jeff Gahan and Adam Dickey are Trumping the Donald when it comes to breathtaking moral turpitude. Have they no shame?

The fact that Gahan hasn’t yet annexed the party outright (wouldn’t the famously pliant Bob “Judas” Norwood look just comfy as party chair?) indicates one of two possibilities: First, that Gahan already is receiving all the deep back rubs necessary from Dickey as groveling masseuse, or conversely, the party’s so completely irrelevant to Gahan’s ongoing power grabs that it no longer matters.

Or both.

Hail to the thief?

Floyd Co. Democratic Party Announces Candidate Filings

Democratic Central Committee to Reorganize Saturday, March 4th

NEW ALBANY, March 1, 2017 – The Floyd County Democratic Party has announced candidate filings for their Central Committee reorganization set for Saturday, March 4th. Under party rules, individuals had until 10:00 a.m. on February 22nd to file for one of four officer positions – chair, vice chair, secretary and treasurer. The candidates for each position are as follows:

Chair: Adam T. Dickey
Vice Chair: Sarah Bonifer
Secretary: Anthony Toran
Treasurer: Janey Willman

The reorganization meeting occurs once every four years in accordance with party rules. The meeting will be held at:

Floyd Co. Democratic Party
Reorganization Meeting
March 4th, 2017
10:00 a.m.
New Albany Voiture #1250 Veterans Club
221 Albany Street
New Albany, Indiana 47150

The caucus is open to all Democrats with each of the party’s 120 precinct committee persons eligible to cast a vote in the caucus. Following the election, the committee will conduct a regular business meeting with agenda items including an update on activist activities, party events, and related operations.

For more information on the meeting or related questions, individuals can contact Democratic Party Headquarters at 812-725-2020 or email Chair Adam Dickey at atdickey@gmail.com.