Read the official conclusion of the Breakwater fire investigation.


Also at the newspaper, where the rebuild is confirmed.

Investigators: The Breakwater fire caused by HVAC installer error … rebuilding to start next month, by Elizabeth DePompei

A Flaherty and Collins spokesperson could not be reached by phone or email by press time. It’s unclear whether any action will be taken against the HVAC installation company or employee.

ON THE AVENUES: Breaking up is hard to do. Just ask the Reichstag.

The Cosmopolitan: Turns out The Breakwater isn’t the first fire at a Flaherty & Collins development under construction.

ASK THE BORED: They’re busy panicking after the Great Break Wind Fire, so we celebrate the guy who first patented a self-propelled street sweeper.

Monday’s best social media comment about the Breakwater fire.

The Breakwater fire: Luckily there were no injuries, but are we REALLY sure the deity favors subsidized luxury?

There has been a fire this morning at the Breakwater luxury apartments. No injuries, and I swear it wasn’t me.